Create a healthy, long-term cardio habit that you actually ENJOY!

Exercise should be time for self-care, not torture.

Learn the skills you need to create a long-term habit of health and fitness.

Other programs simply lay out your daily workouts and it's up to you to do them - or not. They don't give you the foundational skills you need to actually succeed. 

Did you know that two of the biggest factors that determine your chance of success are your reasons for exercising and how you approach your workouts? If you're trying to create an exercise habit, but you're coming at it thinking you HAVE to do it, even though your body HATES it, then it's no wonder you're struggling! 

In this Challenge, I'll help you find your reason to exercise that actually inspires you. Then we'll spend the next week changing how you approach your workouts. 

When you change your mindset and learn to work with your body, you'll find it's easy to create a long-term healthy habit that you actually enjoy! 

And as a bonus, you'll build a healthy, positive relationship with with your body - turning your exercise time into self-care time!

BONUS: I'll also send you the Engage Your Core Training to maximize your de-stressing, anxiety-squashing, calm-boosting health benefits WHILE toning your tummy!

1 Week Challenge

Day 1

Breathing While Walking

Day 2

Finding Your Rhythm

Day 3

Body Awareness

Day 4

Move with Ease

Day 5

Finding the Cardio You Love

Day 6

Pushing Your Boundaries

Day 7

Your Next Steps

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