Zest Bootcamp - Let's Get Moving

Zest Bootcamp OUTDOOR FITNESS CLASSES run in Alexandra Park (Bear Flat, Bath) at either 6.30am or 9.15am so if you'd like to get into great shape - physically and mentally - why not join us for a trial week?

We also run live online classes at 6.15pm so that anyone, anywhere in the world can join us to boost their energy, feel strong, fit and healthy.

We would love to invite you to join us for a taster week at our 45 minute feel good fitness classes that run at every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday.

To access your trial week for just £10, complete your name and email in the box below, and we will be in touch to welcome you into our supportive COMMUNITY where you will get expert guidance and coaching in a FEEL GOOD FUN environment that is delivered either outdoors or online. 

Don't hang around - the best way to look after yourself is to stay mentally and physically active and we are experts at helping you to do that - it's what we are PASSIONATE about.

Classes run every Monday, Wednesday and Thursday* at either 6.30am, 9.15am or 6.15pm online via Zoom.

(*online classes run Mon & Wed only)

Zita has been a personal trainer for over 20 years (after changing careers and her lifestyle from an overweight, non-exercising asthmatic) and set up Zest Bootcamp in Bath in 2009. She is passionate about helping women over 40 to look and feel great!

If you have any questions call Zita on 07970 988128 however the best way to find out how great you can feel is to join our friendly classes for a trial week by completing your details below.