Our Speakers

Ana Gogovska Jakimovska

Prosecutor, Public Prosecutor’s Office, North Macedonia topic “Lessons Learned: What Cybercrime Prosecutors Wish They Knew from the Start.”

D Nalon Kaine

Manager - Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications,
Republic of Liberia topic “The Hidden Menace of Cybercrime in Africa."

Musa Jalloh

Deputy Director, National Communications Authority, Sierra Leone topic "Managing Cyber Threats to African Critical Infrastructure."

Matteo Lucchetti

Director of CYBER 4.0, the National Cybersecurity Competence Center, Italy topic "Cybercrime in Europe: Challenges and Solutions."

This is the first of a free online 5-part webinar series organised by the Zyber Global Centre to collaborate with individuals globally, exchange views and experiences, and share good practices to foster mutual learning and growth.

Duration and language: 1h 30m| English only

Audience: The event is open to criminal justice authorities and other government officials from all countries.


The widespread use of Information Communication Technology has led to an increase in illegal activities committed against computer systems, highlighting the need for the retrieval of evidence in criminal investigations. Cybercrime has become accessible to a wider range of individuals due to the availability of ready-made malicious software and online cybercrime-for-hire services, leading to the exploitation of new technologies for unlawful purposes. Cybercrime affects individuals through scams, online child sexual exploitation, and cyberbullying, while organizations face threats to financial institutions and the theft of sensitive information. New measures are required to keep pace with these threats, including technical solutions to deal with encryption technologies and the complexities of transnational criminal activities in cyberspace.


The purpose of this series of thematic webinars is to:

  • Increase awareness and understanding of cybercrime trends and emerging threats. 
  • To exchange views and experiences, and
  • share good practice and collaborate with others globally. 


Increased awareness of emerging cyber threats: where participants will receive up-to-date date information on the latest trends and tactics used by cybercriminals. This will assist participants to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to detecting and responding to cybercrime.

A better collaboration between jurisdictions where participants from different countries, are able to foster and engender greater collaboration through networking and sharing good practice.

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