Andrew Thornes had an idyllic childhood. What it lacked in material wealth, it more than made up for in terms of love and adventure. His hardworking parents fought hard and worked relentlessly to put food on the table for Andrew and his siblings, and once a year they would all head to the seaside for a few days of R & R. No one questioned where the extra money for the annual treat came from, or how Andrew always seemed to have the latest Liverpool FC home shirt - it just materialised, and everyone knew better than to ask.

Until the day it all came to an abrupt and savage end. In a matter of seconds, Andrew’s life is torn apart. He and his siblings are separated, and Andrew is thrust into an unfamiliar world of the care system.

At one foster home, he meets Leila Turner, a cheeky, mischievous teen who rebels against everything and everyone - except Andrew. She takes him under her wing and teaches him that sometimes in life you must feel the fear and do it anyway.

But when Andrew is faced with a 'sliding doors' moment will he heed the advice of his friend, or be brave enough to strike out on his own?

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