Bring the Zing - be a beta tester!

Have you ever wanted to use art and creativity with your therapy clients, but just didn't know how to introduce it?  This course gives you original and tested techniques to use so you can weave artmaking into sessions with individual and group clients.  You'll get time to practice the interventions, and plenty of personal support from me as you move through the course.. 

Since this is a brand new course, I'll be working with a small group of folks who get to access the material for an extreme discount- only $47.00!  I've done this with other courses and found it's a win/win- my students get lots of support and targeted information, so they don't waste time and get exactly what they need, while I fine tune the info and delivery. 

Dec. 30th is the last day to register, and earlybirds (before Dec. 21st) will get a free jumpstart bonus!

How it works:

On Dec. 31st, the Teachable course will be open to students.   You can start working through the first module.  Once you're done, you'll enter some info, I'll review it, and you get access to the next module the following Monday.  Each Thursday I'll do a live Facebook Q+A, where I'll answer questions that have come up during the week, and you can watch it later if you can't attend live.

Lots of us want to use art with our clients but feel afraid.  We may worry that we haven't had enough training, that our own creative skills aren't good enough, or that our clients won't get "enough" out of our efforts.


The truth is, we can go out and get those skills, and we don't have to be fine artists to help our clients express themselves and learn new concepts with art.


Timing is Everything

In this course, I will share with you some of the tips and tricks I've learned about how to get started using art with clients.  You can introduce it in a way that's logical and therapeutic.  Your "artsy" clients will love it, and you'll be energized too!

About me:

Katy MacRae

I've worked at Yale and in private practice for over a decade, and the more I use art and creativity with my clients, the happier we are!  I've found easy ways to make my projects deeply therapeutic, and I want to help other clinicians do it too.