Applying online is not enough anymore. You need to learn how to stand out from other candidates through highly optimized applications and referrals.

The good news is: you can learn it through a streamlined job search strategy.

  • Even if... you don't fulfill all the requirements you read in job postings
  • Even if... you have no contacts at your dream companies
  • Even if... you don't know how to sell yourself

My name is Mahdi Kafi, Founder of Primal Career.

I previously worked at PwC, one of the big 4 firms, then DXC Technology, one of America's leading IT consulting companies.

And today, I get messages for new job opportunities every other week.

And these are not the annoying Recruiters selling dead-end jobs.

These are jobs at other business and consulting firms paying well over the 6-figures mark.

This abundance of job opportunities helped me land jobs without ever submitting my resume online. It helped me break the 6-figure mark only 20 months after graduating.

But more importantly, I don't stress about job searching anymore.

But if you rewind to just a few years ago, I didn't have any of that.

I used to struggle to get a single interview.

And I am not talking about getting interviews at big, notorious firms.

You know the firms that can change your life.


I am talking about struggling to get an interview for any company, even the crappy ones.

But whose fault is it?

The Hiring Process is Broken

Not a single company hires the same way anymore.

One asks you to submit a resume before asking you to fill in a form with the exact same information you've put in your resume.

The other firm asks for a cover letter. Another one asks for a video interview and a psychometric test.

It's complicated, unexpected, and unfair.

No longer are the most worthy candidates getting jobs.

The ones getting jobs are the ones who understand the game of job searching.

The only issue was, I didn't get it at all.

Getting consistent interviews nowadays is hard

I desperately wanted to become a Consultant.

For over 3 years, I would submit hundreds of resumes, without any feedback.

Is my application under review?

Is my application rejected?

How long should I wait before an answer?

The uncertainty was killing me to the point where I started questioning myself.

I felt worthless, like if no company wanted me, despite my degree and experience.

Was I worthy of a Consulting job? Do I have what it takes?

I knew I had potential, and I feared I wouldn't be able to fulfill it.

Was it time for me to give up on Consulting and shoot for an "easier" job?

We don't live to work, we work to live.

I was searching for an answer online when I stumbled on this quote:

We ought to live the best possible life we can.

The truth is, I didn't want to settle.

Through University and Networking events, I have seen Consultants and how they were, and I wanted to be like them.

We don't live to work, we work to live.

And since we need to work, why not get the best possible work we can?

What are the main conditions you're looking for in your future job?

  • Is it a high salary?
  • The skills you're going to learn?
  • The perks?

Personally, I wanted a job where I could learn valuable skills, and feel indispensable.

I also wanted a flexible job, that would allow me to work from home, or from another country.

And lastly, I wanted a high-paying job. A job that would allow me to invest for my future, help my parents, and live life comfortably.

I didn't want to settle for something less and I knew deep down I could do the job.

I simply wanted someone to give me a chance.

I needed to be more serious in my job search.

Why Most Career Advice Are Garbage

When I understood internally how much I wanted to become a Consultant, and knowing how much of a competitive job it was, I got to work, quickly.

Specifically, I tried dozens of job search advice I read online.

But none of them worked, and I am sure you've tried some of them yourself:

  • "It's a numbers game, apply to as many jobs as you can!"

Don't do that. From experience, when your goal is to "apply as much as you can" you significantly lower the quality of your applications, allowing other people to stand out more than you. 

It's a numbers game only if you want "any" job and not a career you're satisfied with. 

The truth is, you simply need a few companies on your radar and focus all of your energy on them. Think about it, if you want to catch two rabbits, start with one at a time. If you try chasing both, you can forget about them.

  • "You need to copy-paste keywords from the job posting in your resume!"

Applicant Tracking Systems, the robot that analyzes your resume, are getting better at spotting this. If you keyword-stuff your resume unnaturally, your resume will be automatically rejected (speaking from experience)

  • "Just network and you'll get a job!"

Sure dude, BUT HOW??? Every time I try, people don't answer my messages, ask me to apply online, or ghost me.

  • "Focus on your cover letter, it will land you the job"

Opinions are mitigated here, 50% of companies say they don't care, and the other 50% say they read them. Personally, I have never landed a job where I submitted a Cover Letter.

  • "Put yourself in "Open to Work" mode on LinkedIn to attract job opportunities."

LinkedIn is a networking platform more than a job search platform. Showing to everyone you're job-less will make you less desirable in the eyes of companies.

That's When I Decided to Try a Completely NEW Approach

After about 3 years of getting no results, I decided to do something different.

I started booking sessions with my Career Advisors at my University. They had helped dozens of other students secure jobs, so I told myself I would try it.

Specifically, I reversed engineered how other people got jobs and tried it myself.

Additionally, I wanted real exposure to what was happening in the job market, so I became a Resume Writer on Upwork, a freelancing platform.

I was consuming resume and career content like no other person my age, simply to get better and do a greater job for my resume writing clients.

The knowledge and techniques acquired through my career advisors and resume writing job helped me understand the truth about the Hiring Process and how to get more interviews.

Here's what I discovered:

The 3 Hiring Levels

In fact, if you want the interview, you need to pass 3 layers of requirements.

Let's go over them, one by one.

1. Applicant Tracking System

    The first level is the ATS. If you're unfamiliar with this, it's an algorithm that scans your resume for keywords to assess if you match the job you're applying for.

    And they are getting better and better.

    So for the ones who stuff their resumes with keywords without mindfulness, the ATS can now sense it and reject your resume.

    Approximately 80% of resumes will be rejected at this level only.

    2. The Recruiter

      If somehow you pass the ATS, the second level to pass is the "Recruiter". The Recruiter is the one double-checking if the ATS did a good job. They are the ones who will look for basic qualifications:

      • Do you seem like a good fit?
      • Do you have relevant certifications?
      • Do you have the right experience?

      They will only take a few seconds to read this, around 15% of resumes will be rejected at this stage.

      3. The Hiring Manager

      The last level you need to pass to get the interview is the Hiring Manager.

      Their goal is to take a little bit more time to read your resume. They will be looking for the right accomplishments and results you can bring to the organization.

      If you convince them, congratulations, you get the interview.

      If not, you'll be rejected.

      So, do you really need a Referral?

      The short answer? It depends.

      Sometimes yes, sometimes, you won't need it.

      Countless people land amazing jobs when sending quality applications online. Some others will have Recruiters reaching out to them on LinkedIn. And others will have referrals.

      What I discovered, is that referrals, when done well, can help you skip the two first levels of the hiring process.

      Meaning, you can go directly to the Hiring Manager, and prove your worth, using the same quality application you would have submitted online.

      Keep reading, I'll show you how to do it.

      What You Really Need to Convince Companies

      So now you have it.

      In reality and in essence, companies are just trying to find a great candidate who will stay a long period of time, grow their company, and contribute to their team.

      That's why they will rely on internal referrals to fill positions, before posting their open jobs online.

      That's why, in an ideal world, to get consistent interviews, you will need to pass the 3 levels of the Hiring Process and pair it with a great and nice referral.

      These companies will be astonished at how many arguments you have with you and make them trust you and get the job.

      Here's What Happened Next...

      A few months after trying out my new job search strategy I just explained to you, this happened:

      It Wasn't Easy (It took over 3 years), but I've Developed a Job Search System that gets Results

      I'm Mahdi Kafi, the Founder of Primal Career.

      As you're about to see, I developed a step-by-step process for getting consistent interviews at great companies that offer above-average salaries, and amazing conditions.

      I personally used this system to get my Consulting job at PwC, despite having no relevant experience and a 2.57 GPA, and later DXC where I got an Advisor role despite lacking 3 years of experience mentioned in the job posting.

      These two jobs helped me learn valuable skills in the IT industry, more than double my salary, and helped me live the life that I truly want.

      For me, it meant working from anywhere in the world and traveling.

      But to get this, I struggled for years.

      Writing an optimized application and know-how to sell myself and network wasn't natural to me.

      So, I understand what it feels like to wait for someone to give us a chance. We know we have what it got, if only someone gives us a chance, we'll show them.

      Like you, I am frustrated to see so many individuals with potential not getting the opportunities they deserve.

      Nobody should experience the feeling of going through weeks, or months without an interview or a suitable offer.

      That's why I decided to help countless job seekers like you.

      My Clients got Interviews and Offers at these companies:

      How did I do it and how can you do the same thing?

      I am not sharing all of this to brag, in fact, it's the complete opposite.

      As mentioned, I struggled for years, doubted myself, and was ready to settle for "basic" companies.

      But when I saw the real impact of having a job that pays you well, and that helps you live the life you want, I realized this is crucial in your day-to-day happiness.

      And today I want to teach you exactly how, so you too, can target the companies you've always been dreaming about, get the salary you know can change your life, and get the conditions to live comfortably.

      It's now time for me to share the three secrets you need to know that I learned about the hiring process. These lessons are the foundation of the job search strategy I use today.

      Secret #1: Find companies that offer life-changing jobs

      I want to invite you to carefully select the companies you are applying to. If you read up until this point, then I believe you are an overachiever who truly wants to upgrade your career.

      For that to happen, you need to find companies that will offer this jump for you.

      Spoiler alert: it might not be the companies that you're thinking about.

      Countless times, I have seen people focus too much on 2-3 dream companies, only to find out that everything they thought they knew about them was based on rumors not on facts.

      They found poor salaries and found themselves overworked.

      For that to not happen, I like to have a big list of companies that seem to offer great conditions....then filter it.

      Yes, you read that right, filter the list and prioritize companies based on specific criteria. This is how I found DXC.

      DXC is not what we call one of the most popular consulting firms in the world. But despite it, I found they pay 2.5X the salary of other more popular firms, and offer greater advantages.

      If I had focused on only a few dream companies, I would have never found them.

      Now you might ask yourself: what are those criteria I mentioned? I'll tell you. Keep reading...

      Secret #2: Give Your Target Companies What They Want

      It's simple, but not easy.

      Ultimately, companies are trying to interview people they trust can do the job. That's why they developed the 3-Level Hiring Process.

      All you need to do is understand how this game is played, and win at it.

      Here's how.

      1. By adding the right keywords and formulations to your resume, the ATS will trust you and pass you to the second round. It will feel you have the basic requirements that fit with the job posting.

      2. By showcasing the right qualifications in your resume, at the right place (hint: you need to put only the information a Recruiter cares about), paired it with an optimized LinkedIn profile where people can find you and understand a bit more about your story, the Recruiter will be confident you're a total fit and would be happy to pass you on to the Hiring Manager.

      3. Then finally, constructing powerful bullet points and showcasing amazing accomplishments that say "I can do this for you too if you hire me" will make the Hiring Manager excited to call you to get to know you better through an interview.

      Secret #3: Infiltrate Your Target Companies Using Referrals

      As I said before, the hiring process is broken.

      You could follow all the steps I have written above, and the Manager's nephew will get the job instead of you.

      And that is totally fair in my opinion. Why?

      Again, companies are trying to lower the risk of hiring a bad candidate.

      That's why, before everything else, they will ask their own employees if they have anyone who can fill opened positions.

      If no quality referrals are mentioned, then they will look for a hire outside.

      That's why, if you want to put all the stacks in your favor, you will need to beat the three levels of the hiring process, AND pair it with a quality referral.

      But, what happens if you know no one at your target company?

      How can you possibly get referred?

      You take the quality application you built using Secret #2, and you handed it directly to the hiring manager.

      If you do it well, you will have a unique opportunity to sell yourself without relying on the 3-levels of hiring process.

      Your Plan for the next 90 days

      The good news is, I've included every step of this system in a hybrid course that will show you how to get consistent interviews at great companies

      • My complete step-by-step Job Search System
      • All of the templates, tools, strategies, and trackers.
      • How to start from scratch, up until landing consistent interviews.

      All of it, packaged together in my flagship course.

      The 5-step Job Search Strategy that will Make You Land Interviews at Companies You Deserve

      Zero to Interview is a hybrid online course that teaches you, step-by-step, how to position yourself as THE BEST CANDIDATE for the role you're targeting.

      In other words: I'm going to give you the exact job search strategies, tactics, templates and actions you need to make landing interviews a consistent event in your life rather than a lucky one.

      So whether you're looking for your first job, trying to change industries or simply level up your career, I'll show you exactly how to do it.

      This is a PRACTICAL course. Meaning you won't be just consuming; you will also be implementing all the steps as we go over them.

      How Zero to Interview Works

      These steps are all grouped into 5 modules. Each one of them will accomplish a specific goal.

      Module 1: Create a Resume that Positions You as THE Solution to HRs and Recruiters

      Module 2: Optimize your LinkedIn Profile to Bring You Opportunities Even When You Sleep

      Module 3: Create an Efficient Job Search Strategy that You Will Follow With Ease

      Module 4: How to Get Contacts At Companies You Love (And Know About Secret Job Postings)

      Module 5: How to Get Referred By Your Favorite Contacts (And Land the Interview)

      Each week, you'll get video lessons, accompanied by worksheets, instructions and video calls with me to make sure you have all the tools you need.

      Detailed Program

      Wait, there's more

      Is Zero to Interview Right for You?

      Zero to Interview is not for everyone. I have coached dozens and spoken to hundreds of job seekers and I was able to make the difference between hard-working action takers and others who want to magically get a job.

      Zero to Interview is NOT for you if...

      ❌  You think you're going to land interviews next week without      effort.

      This process takes time, from analyzing what skills and competencies your target role needs to transfer it into your applications and network your way to an interview - this process takes time but works like a snowball effect. At first, you're going to work on tasks like your application that will seem like slow progress, but when you start applying and reaching out, you'll see how fast the process becomes, and the results will follow.

      You're not willing to make changes or listen to advice.

      The Zero to Interview system is very different than what probably have seen before. So it's important to come with an open mind, ready to try new strategies.

      You're looking for me or someone else to do the work for you.

      This course is not the equivalent of hiring a resume writer or a recruiter. I will not write your resume, and I will not go to interviews for you. I will give you as much feedback as you need, but you will need to put in the hard work to see results.

      Zero to Interview is for you if...

      ➡️ You're looking for a proven process to land interviews at GREAT Companies that will make you progress in your career.

      If you enroll in my course, I will teach you the fundamentals of landing jobs at companies you're genuinely interested in. I hate taking jobs "just because I need it" even if sometimes it is necessary, I'd rather aim for a company I will enjoy.

      ➡️ You're "biased towards action"

      You like to implement what you learn and not give up at the first few obstacles that come your way

      ➡️ You have 3-5h per week for the next 5 weeks to allocate to the course.

      I am a huge fan of productivity, so expect this course to make you focus on the most important task always in the shortest amount of time possible.

      When it comes to finding a great job, you have options:

      ➡️ Option #1: Figuring it Out on Your Own

      You can absolutely land a high-paying job with the exact conditions you want on your own.

      I have seen countless people do it.

      But the reality is, it takes time. Lots of time. Lots of trial and error.

      I know because I went through it. I went through over 3 years trying strategies before understanding how all this hiring process works.

      I have already done the hard work for you. I know what works and what doesn't, that's why you only have the material you need. No bluff, no BS.

      ➡️ Option #2: Hire a Career Coach

      There are many valuable career coaches out there, especially on LinkedIn. But it's what I called a risky investment for two reasons:

      1. How do you know which one can help you and which ones will only waste your time?
      2. Career Coaches are costly and their time is limited. Most of them sell "sessions of work", if you need more sessions to get things done, the bill can rapidly soar to crazy prices.

      ➡️ Option #3: Other Job Search Courses

      If you follow me on social media and on YouTube, you certainly follow other career coaches with their own job search courses, so what is it about Zero to Interview that is different?

      ➡️ Option #4:  Do Nothing

      The saddest and scariest option in my opinion.

      ➡️ Option #5: Follow a Proven, Step-By-Step Blueprint WITH a Career Coach

      Back when I started my career, I would have killed for a step-by-step job search strategy like Zero to Interview.

      A program that gave me all the tools, script, templates I need to stop questioning myself every step of the way and ask myself if I am moving towards the right direction.

      In other words: I would have done anything to save those 3 years of my life where I embraced the status quo, didn't change a thing in my job search strategy, and where nothing worked like I wanted.

      And this is your opportunity to get access to this proven, step-by-step process that removes the guesswork, and shows you exactly how to land interviews at top companies.

      Ultimate Guarantee: 30 days to change your mind

      At any point during the first 30 days after you enroll in the course, you could ask for a 100% refund without providing any explanations.

      Yep, you read that right - you could watch the first few videos, ask questions, get personal answers from me over video, then ask for a refund if you're not satisfied.

      What my Clients say about Zero to Interview:

      What kind of results can you expect?

      Landed a referral at BCG after a simple virtual Coffee Chat following the Module 5 Conversation Scripts

      Landed an Interview at KPMG after finishing Module 1

      Landed an Interview after reaching out to a Hiring Manager without a job posting

      Landed an Interview after reaching out to Recruiter following Module 4 Email Templates

      Networking is creating connections who can help you and vouch for you

      Join Zero to Interview Now

      3 plans available

      Zero to Interview Light

      • Full Resume and LinkedIn Training
      • Access to Module 1 and 2 (Lifetime Access)
      • Access to the ZTI Community (A Private Forum for Ambitious Professionals, with Weekly Questions and Answers, Past Questions and Past Answers)
      • 2 weeks of training
      • Bonus: Templates and Worksheets
      • Price: 2 x $57

      Zero to Interview Pro

      • Access to all Modules (lifetime access)
      • Access to the ZTI Community (A Private Forum for Ambitious Professionals, with Weekly Questions and Answers, Past Questions and Past Answers)
      • I answer all of your questions on Video every week
      • 5 weeks of Training (1 module every week)
      • Bonus: Scripts, templates and Worksheets
      • Ultimate Guarantee 30 days to change your mind
      • Price: 3 x $97

      Zero to Interview Boost

      • Access to all Modules (lifetime access)
      • Access to the ZTI Community (A Private Forum for Ambitious Professionals, with Weekly Questions and Answers, Past Questions and Past Answers)
      • I answer all of your questions on Video every week
      • 5 weeks of Training (1 module every week)
      • Bonus: Scripts, templates and Worksheets
      • Ultimate Guarantee 60 days to change your mind
      • 3 (1h) Private Coaching Calls with Mahdi
      • Price: 3 x $297

      Frequently Asked Questions About Zero to Interview

      Have a question about Zero to Interview? I answer most common questions below, but if you have one that I didn't cover, please contact me at

      Q: "What is Zero to Interview?"

      Zero to Interview is a 5-week training program that walks you through exactly how to land consistent interviews at your target companies. Every week, you'll get a new module available in your member's area. These modules consist of video lessons, downloadable checklists, worksheets and trackers that are designed to help you speed the process of landing quality interviews.

      You have lifetime access to all the training material, so you can take the time you need to absorb and execute the material.

      You also have access to my private forum with all the other professionals looking to upgrade their careers like you and have access to me, who will answer any of the questions, over video every week.

      Q: "You talk about Consulting, but will it work for me if I want a job in another industry I am interested in?"


      The strategies I discuss are valuable no matter the job you want, no matter the industry you're interested in. Whether it's sales, customer service, consulting, management, IT, graphic design, or anything else!

      All companies want the same thing: Evaluate if you can solve their problems. Knowing that the strategies I teach will give you the fundamentals to know how you can properly sell yourself to the company you're interested in.

      Q: "Will this course continue to be updated as companies continue to evolve? And will I get free access to future versions?"

      Yes! This will be my flagship Job Search Course, and it will be updated regularly.

      Once you are enrolled, all future versions are free at no cost.

      Q: "Can I afford this right now?"

      At the end of the day, that's a question you have to answer.

      However, I can tell you that this course's strategies helped me get my first job out of University at 62,000$ without any prior experience in that field. This is around $15 000 higher than what the average graduate gets.

      This is the power of NOT missing out on any opportunities you get.

      Other new graduates and professionals I personally coached landed salaries of $74,500, $81 000, and more.

      Companies that pay well are competitive, so if you want to maximize your chance of landing those kinds of salaries, you will need to know the principles of how to stand out in your job search.

      See it as an investment; the course will account for only 1.17% of your future salary on average.

      Q: "How much time will this take?"

      Great question!

      This course aims to focus on what will bring you the most results with the least amount of time invested. I know you're probably busy, and you have other things going on in your life so expect to work around 3-5h every week for the next month going over the videos and the homework.

      Q: "I am a new Graduate and I don't have a high GPA, and/or I don't come from a Target University. Will it work for me?"

      Absolutely, I had a 2.57 GPA, and I landed a competitive job in Consulting despite it. It's all about connections and how you tell your story concisely across the different job search stages. And this is exactly what you can expect to learn in the course.

      Q: "I don't have enough experience for my target role, will it work for me?"

      Yes! If you have a couple of part-time jobs, or full-time jobs, volunteering experience, and/or projects - you will learn how to transfer the skills you learned to the jobs you target.

      A rule of thumb is, if you qualify or 60% of the requirements of a Job Posting, then you should apply, and I will teach how.

      Q: "When do I get access to the course?"

      As soon as you join, you'll get access to the first module and its worksheets. Over the next 5 weeks, you will get access to the rest of the modules, ensuring you're focused on one task at a time for better results.

      Q: "I regularly watch Job Search YouTube Videos and Blogs that explain the same strategies, what's different about Zero to Interview?"

      Great question! If free content you find on YouTube is a book, then the Zero to Interview course is an encyclopedia.

      Some of the core concepts I've discussed at a high-level on the channel are in the course, at much much more deeper level. My videos are around 8-12 minutes. The course contains 15+ hours of exclusive content, worksheets and templates you won't find anywhere else.

      The course also comes with my personal assistance, which I no longer do for free due to the high demand. You will have total access to me, at nor additional charge, when you join the course!

      Q: "I want to try out the Course by enrolling in the Zero to Interview Light Version, can I upgrade later?"

      Of course, you can try any version you want and you can always upgrade later by sending an email to

      The True Cost of Being in a Bad Job

      Every day you stay at a job that isn't fulfilling your potential is a day where you lost:

      • Money you could have spent on people and things you love
      • Opportunity to grow, learn new skills, and be a more valuable person
      • A bit more of your mental health if your conditions right now aren't the best.

      Let's break down each one of the above points.

      Let's say you're making $50,000 a year but you could be making $70,000 in your next, better job, that's a $20,000 difference in a year, which is around $1667 every month or 56$ every day that you're losing.

      What can you do with an extra $1667 every month?

      But hey, that's not the end. Your time is also valuable.

      Let's calculate the time you're spending job searching.

      If you've been job searching for 3 months, for around 5h every week, you just spent 5h * 12 weeks (3 months) = 60 hours job searching.

      At $70,000 a year, your hourly rate is around $34/hour. So you just spent 60 hours * $34/h = $2020 job searching.

      So in total, in only 3 months of job searching you lost: ($1667 * 3 months) +$2020 = $7020.

      That is the equivalent of a luxurious 2-weeks trip to the Fidji Islands, almost 3 new Macbook Pro, eating at fancy restaurants every day, or simply investing it for your future.

      What can you do today, if you had an extra $7000 to spend?

      You can make your own calculation with real numbers from your life, here's the formula:

      Make the calculation and see it for yourself.

      Sometimes it's hard to see how much we're losing every day at not being at the right job, so I like how this exercise shows you real numbers.

      What can you do with all that extra money? I know people who want bigger apartments, retire their parents, pay off their debt, travel more.

      Whatever your reason, you know you deserve more.

      But money isn't everything.

      Quite the contrary some people will put other things above your future salary, like growth opportunities, skills learned and company culture.

      Every day you are in a job where you don't feel like you belong, is another day delaying the unbelievable feeling of growing.

      Are your projects boring? Are your teammates bothering you? Maybe your boss is the problem.

      I am here to tell you that these things are not things you should accept for too long.

      It can hurt your mental health, but more importantly, your potential of becoming the person you want to become.

      And a bad job takes away a chunk of these opportunities out of you, every day you stay longer.

      The Unimaginable feeling of signing an offer

      I had three goals a few years ago. And when I realized my job wasn't fulfilling them, I knew it was time to leave.

      I wanted:

      • A salary that is worth my skills
      • To be location-free, meaning work from anywhere
      • Enhance my Leadership Skills (and learn how to manage people)

      It wasn't easy, but after months of reflection and job search, I found DXC Technology.

      DXC fulfilled all of these three goals.

      When I received the offer in my email inbox, here's what I felt:

      I felt liberated.

      I felt like real change was coming my way.

      And that's exactly what happened.

      I more than doubled my salary.

      Bought my first condo.

      Traveled even more.

      I was able to work from Seattle, LA, Mexico, and Vancouver.

      And I was able to develop leadership skills and Consulting skills I would have not imagined learning.

      My life right now has nothing to do with my life only 3 years ago.

      Jobs that change lives do exist.

      And I want to help you find yours.

      You’re one step away from changing your life

      What if you woke up every day with a clear plan on what to do next to move on in your job search?

      No more questioning and no more stress about potentially doing something wrong.

      You have a plan and ME to guide you through obstacles.

      You have a list of templates, scripts, and trackers, leaving doubt out of the equation.

      I am here to tell you Zero to Interview will give you the right method to get more interviews at top companies.

      Landing interviews left and right will give you the confidence you need in the hiring process, helping you pick and choose the right job that will give you a better quality of life.

      I created Primal Career because I wanted more people to have inspiring Careers.

      These people don't sit for opportunities to come, they create their own.

      They refuse to give up when obstacles come their way. They learn, they earn and they rejoice.

      And it's time for you to decide if you're one of them.

      Enrollment for Zero to Interview is now open... but it closes soon.

      Join Zero to Interview Now

      Zero to Interview Light

      • Full Resume and LinkedIn Training
      • Access to Module 1 and 2 (Lifetime Access)
      • Access to the ZTI Community (A Private Forum for Ambitious Professionals, with Weekly Questions and Answers, Past Questions and Past Answers)
      • 2 weeks of training
      • Bonus: Templates and Worksheets
      • Price: 2 x $57

      Zero to Interview Pro

      • Access to all Modules (lifetime access)
      • Access to the ZTI Community (A Private Forum for Ambitious Professionals, with Weekly Questions and Answers, Past Questions and Past Answers)
      • I answer all of your questions on Video every week
      • 5 weeks of Training (1 module every week)
      • Bonus: Scripts, templates and Worksheets
      • Ultimate Guarantee 30 days to change your mind
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      Zero to Interview Boost

      • Access to all Modules (lifetime access)
      • Access to the ZTI Community (A Private Forum for Ambitious Professionals, with Weekly Questions and Answers, Past Questions and Past Answers)
      • I answer all of your questions on Video every week
      • 5 weeks of Training (1 module every week)
      • Bonus: Scripts, templates and Worksheets
      • Ultimate Guarantee 60 days to change your mind
      • 3 (1h) Private Coaching Calls with Mahdi
      • Price: 3 x $297