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Zürich Networking Group

Fast Facts: 

Active on LinkedIn - group properly managed

Established in 2009 on LinkedIn and numbers 4000+

Over 3100 members of the group are in Zürich

Rules are simple and stated on the group profile 

Composition - Companies as you would expect like Google, UBS and others to start-ups and solopreneurs

EVENTS - social and workshops

Members Make Great Speakers

No pressure to turn up with referrals, we do not do that.

It is up to you how involved you want to get, how many events you want to attend and your level of networking in the group.

We are always open to ideas for topics, for those Supporter Plus members we can help you use our platform to promote your event as well. 

Guest speakers are also invited and they occur both on and offline in-person. 

Joining Thank You

Tips to help you

Joining a well established group means one thing, the LinkedIn landscape and platform changes mean another. 

After you sign-up you will get a series of quick emails, why? 

You get to join in a good way, help the managers get to know you and to be available for any questions or suggestions you may have.  

Andrew the group founder has been a member of LinkedIn since 2004 so can help with specific questions for lead generation, recruiting or job search if you need him. 

Stay Informed

LinkedIn Social Group Membership

We keep it personal and communication relevant. 

Email frequency is usually 1 x monthly group newsletter and 2 x monthly for events. 

The only advertising is sponsor logos, possible small section for member promotion in the monthly newsletter and that is it. 

The newsletter is a condition of being in the LinkedIn group, it is our only way to effectively communicate with members after the major LinkedIn group update/changes in 2018

If in any doubt, please use the contact button at the top of the page and reach out to Andrew.

No information is passed to a third party without your permission. 

Requests are made to share email addresses for the distribution of slide decks and event hand-outs as/when you attend.