Are you an entrepreneur, blogger or small business owner who has the passion and skills to help others but not sure how to bring your idea to life? Having a great idea that you desperately want to share with the world just isn't enough.

By being more intentional with your time, and putting a system in place to help you stay on track, you can finally bring your passion and project to life.

Have help building an organizational system that works so that you can feel motivated to work towards your goals.


Introducing the eBook:

10 Steps to Feel Motivated & Get Stuff Done

What's included in this digital productivity resource?


This digital productivity resource is filled with tons of useful information & walks you through a step-by-step process to organize and get motivated which includes checklists, printables & wall quotes.


Includes practical tasks to help you stay focused and organized throughout your work day rather than feeling like you're floundering with your never-ending to-do list. 

"Change is never a matter of ability, it's always about motivation." ~ Tony Robbins


Discover how mindfulness, self-care and validation can help you to slow down and appreciate your own work so that you can have the confidence to keep going on your important projects.


Everyone can struggle to find their own internal motivation.. with this eBook you can finally create a system that helps to remind you of your incredible abilities so that you can bring your passion to life and actually get stuff done.

Access On Your Mobile Device to Start Feeling Motivated Again!

Printable Wall Quotes

What Are People Saying?

Carissa Davis |

"Heather's eBook is absolutely wonderful. The layout and design is beautiful and simple, making it fun and easy to understand. The message is clear that she wants to help motivate others. Through this e-Book, she continues to give the best tips and ideas to show how to accomplish this goal of motivation. Her printables and sheets are also very helpful to fill in to get your mind going and thoughts rolling in of your true intentions. I also love how at the end of the eBook she mentions to just start before the negative thoughts start to come in and hinder us. But then she also mentions that taking breaks and rewarding ourselves in the end is part of the process, which I think is very essential. I totally would recommend this e-Book for people trying to find some inspiration and motivation, the advice Heather has can help as well as the printable affirmations. Enjoy!"

Deanna Leduc |

"As someone who considers themselves highly motivated already, I wasn't too sure I would benefit from this book, however I'm glad I gave it a shot! Not only is it wonderfully written, but it is also helpful for people at any motivation level! The author does a great job sharing her advice without wasting the readers time!"

Frequently Asked Questions

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Following the processing of your payment you will receive a link to download a copy of this digital resource.

Q: Who is this resource for?

This resource was created by a therapist to be used by bloggers, entrepreneurs, small business owners or anyone with a vision to finish a project.

Please note: All sales are final, digital downloads are non-refundable. Once purchased, the product will be yours forever.

Author | Heather LeGuilloux

Hi there! My name is Heather from I am a therapist, Mental Health Blogger and doTERRA Essential Oils Wellness Advocate

I am also the author of The Anxiety Pocket eBook and the accompanying resource, The Anxiety Pocket eWorkbook.

As a mental health professional, I offer my knowledge and support to others in a range of different settings, including the therapy room, through my articles on my blog, and by creating digital products like these to help individuals understand themselves better and find ways to work through their concerns.