Write a Short Film in 24 Days

A study* shows that your chance of hitting your goal raises by 95% when you are accountable to a specific person. 

Join Accountable, a proven program that works, and in less than a month, you will have completed a screenplay while staying supported and accountable all the way!

Procrastination can end now, grab a spot to write a film in 24 days.


What: You write a short screenplay in 24 days

When:  We begin on June 11 and end on July 5th. 

How: On June 11 you will receive an email with resources and creatives constraints to follow.

Throughout the 24 days, I will personally keep in touch with you via CHECKPOINTS.

On July 5th, you will send me your completed screenplay and I will then proceed to read it and send you feedback. 

Why: all the people who've enrolled in Accountable Screenplay had one thing in common: they wanted to write but couldn't get to do it on their own. It's that simple. Athletes train every day, storytellers should train daily too.


the program tailored for people who want to WRITE a film NOW

Accountable Screenplay is an online program where you commit to writing a short film in 24 days, and you write it. 

To be clear, this is NOT a screenwriting class. This is a Screenwriting CAMP.

Accountable Screenplay is for people who want to write a film. If you're sick and tired of living in the theory and want to know what you are capable of, Accountable Screenplay is for you.

If it's time for you to bridge the gap between theory and practice, Accountable is for you.

With Accountable, you get:

- creative constraints

- a deadline

- support

- result

Unless you give up you will have a screenplay in 24 days. By joining Accountable Screenplay you take the power back.

This is an opportunity to let go of all the reasons why you haven't written a film yet, and write one. 

Once you're done with the program you will know more about who you are right now as a screenwriter than you will ever by waiting for the right idea and the perfect time to go for it. 

Athletes use a coach to maximize their performance safely. Storytellers often resist the idea of asking for support and lose time, energy and confidence by trying to solve their creative knots on their own.

For 24 Days, you get to be the creative athlete and I'll be your coach.


To participate in ACCOUNTABLE SCREENPLAY  you don’t need to know all the rules about screenwriting. You need 

- an Internet connection

- an email address

- a willingness to write a film

- and the courage to join.


On June 11 you will receive an email with the creative constraints alongside resources to start writing your screenplay.

You will have until July 5th to write your short film

So that's 24 days with 3 full weekends.

During those 24 days, I will personally check on you and you will update me on your progress. This is how you will stay Accountable and increase considerably your chances to finish your screenplay. 

On July 5th, you will send me your completed screenplay that I will read and I will email you back with feedback. 

This will be the last session for 2021 so if you've been considering joining for the last three times I've run the program, now is your time.


Betsy P. (Producer - Writer // United States)

I have done two programs with Nathalie and I love working with her. She creates a very professional, safe space and her feedback is honest, respectful, and nurturing. She is a gifted artist who wants to help others strengthen their own creative voices. I've felt that through her support of my insecure inner artist. Although I live across the ocean, I know she's on my side :)

Dieneke M. (Netherlands)

This program made me write again. Knowing someone is counting on me to send something, even if it's just that first outline, made me focus more on doing the work. I'm not just writing for myself on my own, there is someone willing to read that first baby step towards my dream. Thank you for your guidance, Nathalie!

Max Zilker (Filmeditor, BFS // Germany)

Nathalie helped me to just start the thing I always thought about doing but never started actually doing it. Now I have done it, learned a lot about my own process of writing a short script, and have something to develop even further. Thank you!

Max's website

Kasia (Filmmaker // Australia)

Once again, Nathalie has helped me build my confidence and skill through starting and finishing something. To me, Accountable has been an invaluable building block in finding my creative voice and decisively following it through to a completion. Nathalie is objective, supportive, understanding and her feedback is incredibly precious to someone like me who all too often toils alone, relying only on herself for feedback (which I'm sure, as many creatives are aware, can create awful and seemingly never ending feedback loops). I have struggled to find people I can trust with my work, especially something that's not quite finished, like a first draft of a screenplay. It's a vulnerable place to be but I've always found Nathalie to be respectful and thoughtful in the way she handles your precious brain-child.

Karolina (Filmmaker // England)

I really enjoyed taking part in this program. It was challenging, sometimes it was pretty hard. But Nathalie was very supportive throughout and once I encountered an obstacle, she successfully made everything easier. I am sure this is not the last time I'm using Nathalie's creative powers to support my projects. Thanks!

Karolina's Instagram

Gisele P. (Filmmaker and Motion Graphics Artist //United States)

Since it was my first short, it became also a very personal challenge to get something done and break through that idea that you need a lot to make a short that I feel sometimes holds new filmmakers back. Overall, it was a great experience that I feel has helped me grow and push myself as a creator. I definitely recommend it!!

Mehak Jamal (Filmmaker - Writer // India)

Everybody yearns to have somebody to keep them accountable in their work, and more so in the past year. With everything going online and your workspace a few feet away from your bed, it is really hard to get anything done. When I got the mail to sign up for Accountable, I had been receiving Nathalie's newsletters for a few years and no doubt had gotten mails about other such programs that she offers. But there was some urgency in this mail that spoke to me. Or it just spoke to where I was in my work-in a comfortable limbo. We had only 2-3 days to make the decision and sign up, and I dilly-dallied till the very end in this as well. But I took a leap of faith and signed up! I am glad I did. Though it is great to have someone to keep you accountable, for me the heart of this program lies in creating accountability with yourself. Nathalie has designed it in such a way that it's not about spoon feeding and cheering from the bleachers. She treats you like the creative that you want to be from the very start and that's why it has worked for me. It also helped me kickstart some other projects in my life and not just the one I submitted. So, thank you Nathalie. :)

Willie (United States)

I've always struggled to reserve energy for personal dream projects. They linger on the edges of my mind, sometimes for years. There was an incredible power in simply having a deadline, and knowing someone was invested in my progress. That turned out to be a profound driver for me to lift a personal project higher up on life's to-do list, and I finished a short screenplay that I've been wanting to write for a long time. But this was much more than just a deadline, I also got a sense of genuine, personal investment in my project and my success. When I began slipping into my all-too-common pitfalls of self-doubt, Nathalie's poignant and experienced perspective helped me stay on track, and at the end, her thoughtful and detailed critique of my finished draft was really insightful!


There are 3 options to join ACCOUNTABLE SCREENPLAY:


Join ACCOUNTABLE SCREENPLAY, receive the creative constraints, write a screenplay in 24 days, stay in contact with me throughout your journey and receive a round of feedback about your screenplay. Simple and efficient. 

130 €


Join ACCOUNTABLE SCREENPLAY, receive the creative constraints, write a screenplay in 24 days, stay in contact with me throughout your journey and receive a round of feedback about your screenplay, work on your rewrite send it back to me within a month and receive a second round of  written feedback.



Join ACCOUNTABLE SCREENPLAY, receive the creative constraints, write a screenplay in 24 days, stay in contact with me throughout your journey and receive a round of feedback about your screenplay, work on your rewrite send it back to me within a month and schedule a one-on-one 45 minutes Mastermind session on Zoom to receive oral feedback and discuss what's next for you. This option is for you if you're looking for personal one-on-one creative guidance. If you'd like to know more about Mastermind, you can read about the regular program here.



You will be redirected to a success page. There you will find out what are the next steps until June 11.

If you aren't redirected or if you have any question, you can email me directly at

Accountable is a program where I communicate directly with each participant.

It is a program that works. If you commit about making a film and follow the process, you will have finished screenplay by July 5th. 



My name is Nathalie Sejean. I am an Audio & Visual Storyteller, which means I use my creativity and make stories every day. In the last few years, I've written screenplays, directed films, launched three podcasts, and created two graphic novels.

When I don't create, I empower people to act upon their creative projects.

I do it because I believe the world will be a better place when each one of us will be connected to their unique creative voice and able to share it back with the world.

I've done a TED Talk on How to Become a Good Story, and since 2016 I've run multiple programs to help people have a satisfying relationship with their creativity.

I can help you feel alive expressing who you are now through your creativity, writing a screenplay, and exploring your voice. That makes for a rich life and that, to me is, all that matters. If it matters to you too, then it would love to see you join Accountable Screenplay.


    Want to go one step further with your commitment to your creativity? Check my one-on-one program: MASTERMIND