Ayurvedic Medicine Practitioner E-Course To Understand How to Eat, Live and Diagnose your Health according to your Body Type (Dosha)

Why should I do an Ayurvedic Medicine E-Course?

šŸ˜Ÿ If you feel like you are not living or eating according to your body type (Dosha)?

šŸ˜Ÿ If you don't feel like modern medicine is giving you the answers and would like to turn to one of the oldest medicines in the world that is still in practice?

šŸ˜Ÿ If you don't know how to read your body signs and what that means for your health?

What will this e-course do for me?

šŸ˜€ You will learn how to eat and live according to your Dosha so you are more in-tune with your body and lifestyle 

šŸ˜€ You will have the tools for being able to give this information to anyone else.

šŸ˜€ You will have Practitioner knowledge on how to examine yourself, family and friends or even prospective patients, to understand what different body markings mean in terms of health.

šŸ˜€ You will have great fun finding out the secrets of how to read a body using the eight fold examination technique 

What are you providing in the e-course?

This is truly an in-depth introduction to Ayurveda and Practitioner learnings that you can use on yourself and others.

More In-depth of What is Included:

āœ… Introduction to Ayurveda: Definition, History, Aims and Unique features, Philosophies

āœ… Gunas and the Mind: The 5 Elements, the 3 Gunas, Detoxification of the Mind, The Chakras, Chakra Meditation

āœ… Doshas / Prakriti: The 3 Doshas (body types), Doshas and the elements, How the Doshas influence Health, Prakruti Constitution, Working out your Prakriti

āœ… Eight Fold Examination: Sound, Facial Expressions, Lips, Nails, Eyes, Pulse, Tongue

āœ… Imbalance and Balancing Doshas: Imbalance of Vata, Pitta, Kapha and How to Balance

āœ… Digestive Fire and Diet: Digestive Fire, Foods to Avoid, Food Combining, The Six Tastes, Six Tastes and Dosha Diets, Six Tastes and Elements, Qualities and Doshas

āœ… Lifestyle: Ayurvedic Lifestyle, Principles of Life, Panchakarma: Ayurvedic Cleansing Techniques, Shatkaramas: Yogic Purification Techniques, The Difference between the two Karmas

āœ… Many fun exercises and games, e.g. Chakra Meditation, working out yours and others Dosha Diet, and the Practitioner Diagnostic tools for an Eight Fold Examination which everyone loves.

Bonus E-course Learnings:

āœ…  You will be provided access to your own digitally downloadable workbook.

āœ…  You will be part of a private Facebook Mastermind Group . You will get additional support, advice and brainstorming help from other students on the same path as you. 

āœ…  You will have access to our collection of FAQs about the course. 

āœ…  You will have access to group calls with myself for any other FAQs not answered in the documented FAQs.

āœ… You will have email access to support for technology, finance and other course questions.

Can you give me some Testimonials please?

"shared your knowledge and overall your lifestyle...demonstrated that we can be amazing human beings and put love in everything that we do.... made all the theory easy to understand and made the themes that seemed complex, interesting. "



"found the teaching methods to be knowledgeable, organised and well thought out...knowledge of Ayurvedic medicine ... were especially practical, useful and fun to learn."



"extremely knowledgeable in many different areas of health and wellness and an excellent teacher....I really enjoyed learning about Ayurveda and how I can incorporate some of the basic practices into my everyday life,"



"was highly knowledgeable and passionate about the subject matter.... made you feel like she genuinely cared"



"overall knowledge and the passion for the subjects was the best part."



"experience and expertise transcended the classes....teaching methods are energetic."



"offers her life and expertise as a testimonial for what a healthy mind, body and spirit can do for a person. I highly recommend her and the love she has to offer the world."



"kept the lessons interesting and fun throughout... I came away from the classes with lots of useful information that I will be using in my practice and teaching and also changes for my own lifestyle/personal benefit."



"I was able to enjoy and understand the complex topics because of the style and teaching. Iā€™d love to join other teachings"



"calm and collected and easy to listen to... great teaching techniques...the Ayurveda course were great...discovered how to diagnose the Doshas and how to determine how to treat specific problems relating to diet and general health."



"has a wealth of information on a wide range of Eastern and Western healing therapies...This comes over as a genuine passion to empower others to use this knowledge and embody it"



"All classes were engaging and informative"



"All classes were well-prepped, full of interesting information, and overall fun"



"wealth of information...a solid overview on Ayurveda...learned all about the doshas and how to use them to make decisions and understand ourselves...I especially enjoyed classes that covered Ayurvedic nutrition"



More Testimonials: Other Testimonials Link

Who is this E-Course for?

āœ… Someone who would like to know how to eat and live according to their dosha (body type)?

āœ… Someone who would like to to know the secrets of one of the oldest medicine systems in the world?

āœ… Someone who would like to know how to diagnose themselves, their family and friends using these ancient techniques that are still used today?

āœ… Someone who will follow the e-course to the best of their ability to -be the healthiest they can be-

Who is this E-Course not for?

āœ… Someone who needs constant hand holding medically or mentally.

āœ… Someone who doesn't honour and respect boundaries.

āœ… Someone who is in dire straits with cash.

What are your Qualifications and Experience please?

āœ… 20 years in Practice

āœ… Ayurvedic Practitioner for over 15 years

āœ… Taught this Ayurvedic Medicine E-Course as part of Yoga Teacher Trainings around the world

āœ… Eastern and Western medically qualified which is rare in this industry

āœ… Plus a Functional Medicine Practitioner which is more rare

āœ… Naturopath, Nutritionist, Herbalist, Ayurvedic Practitioner and Phlebotomist

āœ… 4 Degrees, many advance diplomas and certificates

āœ… Have helped numerous clients to - be the healthiest they can be-

Frequently Asked Questions

ā˜ļøWill I be a Practitioner after this course?

No. That takes 5 years of studying Ayurveda. However you will be taught by an Ayurvedic Practitioner who will give you the most useful and fun practitioner learnings which you do not get on other Ayurvedic courses.

ā˜ļøWill I have the tools to examine others and let them know their Doshas, how they can eat and live according to their dosha and also other health concerns from their body markings?

Yes you will obtain all of these tools.

ā˜ļøI don't live near to you, can I still purchase an e-course?

Yes, the whole process is online. You can be anywhere in the world. 

ā˜ļøWill this be offered at a later date?

Not sure. Maybe or maybe not. However it may go up in price as I have intentionally set a low price. If interested best to sign up now for the low price.

ā˜ļøWill everything be recorded?

Yes. You will have access to everything for 12 months.

ā˜ļøCan I go at my own learning pace?

Yes it is up to you what speed you learn best.

ā˜ļøWill everything be hosted on Facebook?

No only the Mastermind Group for fellow students to support each other.

šŸµļø Get Results or Get Your Money Back Guarantee

Numerous clients and students have had amazing results from this knowledge. Therefore I will offer you a Guarantee: if you do all of the work and apply it to your life and don't see any results I will give you, your money back.

Therefore you can make this purchase with peace of mind knowing that you will get an amazing return on your investment.

šŸ‘ Great, I am interested, What Next?

Read the Pilot Course Launch Info below...

šŸµļø Pilot Course Launch Offer and Guarantee

This E-Course is still being developed. We are at the stage of filming which is great as it means a great offer for you.

If you would like to be part of the Pilot Course Launch and happy to contribute to improving the course with feedback and testimonials then we are offering this course to you at only Ā£49 for the first 5 sign-ups, Ā£99 for the next 10 sign-ups and Ā£149 for the next 10 sign-ups (the actual course will retail at Ā£495 once completed).

Once we receive 15 sign-ups then the course will be recorded. If for any reason we do not receive 15 sign-ups then your money will be refunded in full and the course will not go ahead.

Therefore it is a win win for you as you get an amazing course backed with personal experience and 20+ years knowledge at a silly low price and if it doesn't happen you still get your money back.

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