We support changemakers at various journey stages in embodying or sharpening the skills and wisdom needed to proactively co-create and deliver social impacts within their personal lives, jobs, and communities.

"These are powerful, overarching and touching learning journeys embracing changemakers who have “tried everything”!"

They start wherever you are... add the missing pieces ... and take you places... ultimately, empowering you to create your unique legacy.

Are you ready to make the first step towards becoming a Master Change Whisperer©? A heart-lit, activated, systems-wise, soul-energized, impact co-creator serving as a beacon of light for others!

First things first... It's a Celebration!

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Who We Are

Our Global Team Has Touched the Lives of Thousands of People on Their Life Journey.


"We dreamt, imagined and conceptualized these Learning Journeys knowing first hand how much they are needed by changemakers and how much the world needs thriving changemakers today."

"These Learning Journeys are a labour of deep love, skills, expertise and wisdom. Their essence, flexibility and wholeness will lead you from where you are now to co-creating social impact and your personal legacy"

"Most importantly,  these Learning Journeys are living and sacred beings. They will continue to evolve and thrive with the experience, care and wisdom of the Master Change Whisperers they create in the first place."

What People Are Saying...

Christine's charisma and style are extraordinary. She surpassed my expectations. Her keen sense and intuitive abilities definitely reveal Her passions for connecting folks... It was a blessing and honor to work with her.

Working with Farah... changed my insight and now I strongly believe that I can do anything... I have attracted some incredible opportunities and had some amazing wins. Farah is truly an inspiring and life changing coach... 

Natalia is living proof that the leaders of the new world emerging are those who bring others together to reconcile the past and create a new paradigm for supporting one another. Brilliant!

Sharon is what I would call a Possibilitator, she IS a space through which Possibility comes to the world. I would say this is so about Inspiration and Creativity, Beauty, Empowerment and Transformation.

Who are the Change Whisperer© Learning Journeys for?

The different stages of our programs are designed to meet the needs of ALL Changemakers no matter where you are along the journey.


Change Whisperers©

Inspired to embody
the skills and wisdom
needed to deliver
the positive social impacts 
we will co-create 
in the world


Change Whisperers©

Possessing and sharpening 
the skills and wisdom
needed to
proactively deliver
change in their
lives, jobs, communities.


Change Whisperers©

Impact Co-creator
Beacon of Light for Others

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Find your passion, strengthen your voice and unleash your unique gifts.

Deepen your awareness of self, others and the systems we belong to.

Unlearn what does not serve you anymore and diminishes the quality of your life.

Find your tribe and experience a profound sense of belonging and support.

Make the first step towards becoming a Master Change Whisperer©.



Experience & Wisdom

These journeys consolidate profound personal growth and a reservoir of 128 years of combined professional experience into unique and deeply transformative experiences.

Collective Intelligence

Our team of four has distilled insights from a four-year heart-centered community exploration and our personal journeys into a wealth of wisdom channeled into these journeys.

Unity in Diversity

Bridging together Asia, Europe, and North America, diversity is at our core. Our backgrounds span various organizations and economic systems enriching the learning tapestry.


Focused on Impact

Our learning process is built to empower changemakers like you, it goes beyond self-improvement, guiding you towards transformative change and tangible real-world impact.

Going for Mastery

Our process ensures you embody learning and solidify real world impact by encompassing 10% structured programs, 20% shared interactions, and 70% real-life application.

Being Its Legacy

These journeys nurture you to deepen your knowledge, embody it, apply it effectively in your life, job or community, create your legacy and nurture others to their mastery.


Emergent & Adaptive

We don't rely on cookie-cutter solutions or rigid blueprints. Our approach is fluid and adaptable, growing and evolving alongside your and our unique journey.


True mastery emerges from engagement beyond theory and known circles. Joining our community will nurture and challenge you towards higher impact.

Rooted in Heart

Through heart-to-heart interactions, relationships, and a spirit of joy and play, you will continuously rediscover yourself while building a meaningful life.


Oct 1, 2023 - Jan 15, 2024

Oct 7, Oct 14, Oct 28, Nov 11, Nov 25, Dec 16, Jan 13
Session Start: 8:30 am MT | 10:30 am ET | 4:30 pm CET | 8pm IST

Priced at $1,641 USD
Valued at $ 4,923

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    Oct 1, 2023