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About the Project

Overall Goal

This 2-year project (extended to a 3rd year) has set up and expanded a Mid-Atlantic regional partnership to link Black farmers with Black homeschooling youth and their families through on-farm education related to agriculture, food, and nutrition. A secondary goal has been to develop, pilot, and disseminate the Africulture curriculum, a culturally centered stand-alone K-12 agricultural education curriculum which is being made available for use by farmers, parents, and educators seeking to provide culturally centered agricultural education to supplement and enrich in-class, home-school, or farm-based instructional opportunities. After the grant period is over, we hope the project can continue to grow and welcome more Black farm hosts and more Black youth (not limited to homeschoolers), and continue to strengthen the link between Black youth and Black farmers through the Africulture curriculum and on-farm educational experiences.

Project Timeline

Project Partners

Farm Host

Carter Farms

a century farm in the Piedmont region of Virginia that specializes in growing ethnic, African tropical vegetables organically. Michael Carter Jr.’s operation is an ethnic vegetable afrotourism teaching farm that shares its Africulture interdisciplinary platform.

Farm Host

WoodBox Farm

a Virginia farm that grows a variety of vegetables including ethnic crops. Stewarded by farmer & veteran Marcus Roberson, WoodBox Farm is also connected to a growing number of socially disadvantaged farmers through the Good Earth Therapy Farm Fresh Directory

Farm Host

Nisani Farm

a family farm in Phenix, Virginia specializing in turmeric and ginger production. Farmer and environmental scientist Ann Codrington grows a variety of produce & flowers using organic methods. Nisani Farm uses natural pest control and fertilizers to replenish the soil, encourage biodiversity, and preserve the land for future generations.

Farm Host

BLISS Meadows

a 10 acre land-reclamation project of Backyard Basecamp in Northeast Baltimore at the intersection of environmental and food justice. Founded by pediatric nurse and urban naturalist, Atiya Wells, BLISS features goats, chickens, fresh produce, a medicinal herb garden, and more.

Project Update: December 2023

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