Then Came The Fires ...

1918: Southern Ukraine: Katarina and Anna flee the fires set by the Red Army after the Battle of Kyiv. Anna's late-stage pregnancy complicates the journey. Trapped between the Red Army on the eastern side of the Dnieper and the black flags of the Anarchist Army on the west, the sisters find themselves in a no-win scenario. Katarina struggles to understand her pacifist Mennonite faith. When life is imploding, why doesn’t God intervene?

1952/3: Munich, Germany. Peter continues to search for answers in Katarina’s Diaries. His nightmares from WW2 resurface and he falls into a depression. His pregnant wife, Heidi, panics and Reinhart tries to help.



A suspensive coming-of-age mystery set in southern Ukraine during the Russian Civil War and WW1 with a parallel story set in Germany after WW2. The serpentine family saga with Katarina, Anna, Peter, and Jacob carries a poignant lesson about the fragility of freedom. The tragic story will tug at your heartstrings and introduce you to a unique history of a forgotten people.

In 1918 the World War was ending, but the Russian Civil War had just begun. The peace-loving German Mennonite colonies never expected that their quiet, traditional communities would soon be turned into a violent war zone.

Inspired by true stories and actual events.

BOOK ONE (prequel): 


First Came the Horses ...

1952: The German government says Katarina died in Ukraine during WW2. Her son, Peter, isn't convinced. Do her old diaries from the Russian civil war hold clues to her disappearance?  

1915-1917: Katarina is a Mennonite girl with progressive ideas who doesn't want to follow the traditional path of wife and motherhood. Her ideal future is to become a missionary school teacher and travel the world. But the Great War and political upheavals in Russia are squeezing Ukraine. She doesn't realize that everything she's ever known is about to change. How she steps into her future determines what happens next. Her choice determines her destiny.

For the readers of The Memory Keeper of Kyiv and The Girl with the Silver Star, the series Russian Mennonite Chronicles portrays the gut-wrenching story of two sisters and their extraordinary sacrifices to find safety during the darkest days of Ukraine’s history.

Inspired by true stories and actual events.

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