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"Love and Inclusion of our LGBTQ Brothers and Sisters"

Cliff and Correen Woodbury are both life-long members of the Church, originally from Reno, Nevada, now living in Phoenix Arizona. Married 43 years, with 6 living children and 2 angels, and 15 grandchildren. They are parents of a gay son. Currently the Woodburys are serving in a YSA ward bishopric in Tempe, Arizona. They enjoy playing together - hiking, biking, traveling...and eating! Cliff and Correen are preparing to leave in April on an eighteen-month mission to the Ethiopia Addis Ababa Mission.

"From the Streets to the Savior" Addiction and Homeless to Hope and Healing.

Jen Spencer found herself on the streets addicted to drugs. For years she was trapped in drug abuse, loss and hopelessness. Miraculously, she had pivotal experiences which propelled Jen towards a life of healing and hope. Jen now runs a non-profit organization that provides lifesaving vests for people living on the streets called "Turtles Shelter". She has an undaunted passion to witness the power of Jesus Christ’s Atonement at the heart of everything she does. 

"The Antidote is Giving Connection"

Maurice W. Harker, M. Ed. is the originator of the Sons of Helaman program, which has helped thousands of young men recover from pornography addiction and other sexual-related issues. Maurice is the author of Like Dragons Did They Fight – a synergy of eternal principles and accurate science for personal self-mastery. He is the Director of Life Changing Services, providing group trainings and workshops in self-mastery and marriage repair, as well as occasionally offering advanced consultations by special request. Maurice and his wife have been married 30 years and have 2 children.


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