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Aug. 23rd- Emily Cox

"Falling in Love with Life: The Good, Bad & Ugly"

Emily’s mission in life is to empower ALL humans. Having personal experience with sexual violence, addiction and suicide has fueled her passion to empower all humans, especially women.

She has been a R.A.D. self-defense instructor (Rape Aggression Defense) with the Weber and Morgan County Sheriff's Officessince 2014.

She loves teaching her sons how to show respect to women, along with teaching them how to be safe in dating relationships. Her 22-year-old daughter is a R.A.D. graduate and has used her skills to help her to be more assertive and less of a target for sexual violence.

Emily is an Associate Broker with Coldwell Banker.

A graduate of the Eternal Warriors Program at Life Changing Services.

She is a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and has been able to spread awareness of R.A.D. in her church community and surrounding communities.

She has found the most valuable gift in life is pure gratitude in which she thanks her God daily for her life experiences so that she can share her experiences with others.

You can follow her on Facebook at Emily Hansen Cox or on Instagram @emilycoxwarrior.

Aug. 30th - Ashly    Leavitt

"Waiting on the Lord: The Sacred Space of Limbo and Sorrow"

Ashly Leavitt, ACMHC, CCPS-C, is a betrayal trauma, divorce, and boundaries coach.

Her drive to be a counselor comes from her own personal experience with betrayal trauma. During a difficult time in her life, she felt so alone, and believed there was no way anyone would understand what she was experiencing.

Ashly is a clinician at Life Changing Services, specifically a therapist for the WORTH Group and the Marriage Repair Workshop. She is also a therapist and part of the team for Choose Recovery Services.

Learn more about Ashly and her services at Healingwithashly.com, as well as the Bystander Basics class she teaches, which is a class for individuals whose loved ones are experiencing betrayal trauma.

Follow Ashly on Instagram @ashly.leavitt.

Find Ashly on YouTube at “Chatting with Ashly” 

Listen to the many podcast episodes on “Boundaries” on the beginning with episode 126. Learn more about Ashly and her life’s story on the Like Dragons Did They Fight Podcast Channel - episodes 119 and 120.

Follow “Drops of Joy” on Spotify, which includes 1-2 minute snippets, or drops of joy, from classes Ashly teaches. 

Sept. 6th - Roslyn Geertsen

"Heartbreak to Healing: with Heaven's Help"

Roslyn Geertsen is a certified Eternal Warriors mentor and Life Coach with Life Changing Services.

After her first husband drowned, she came to understand the grief experienced when dreams are shattered, and now guides people through the grief process and on to finding hope and healing.

Roslyn has taught Eternal Warriors classes since 2013, and she finds increasing joy as she lives the Eternal Warriors principles along with her new husband.

Roslyn is a Life Coach and Personal Mentor, helping people create a new life after tragedy, and is the author of SOLO – Getting It All Together When You Find Yourself Alone.

Her website is www.heartbreaktohealing.com.

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