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June 6th 

Debbie Stransky and LuAnn Thaxton from the Mothers Who Know Team will facilitate a small panel of mothers from Mothers Who Know. Discussing “Taming the Tech and Healthy Screen Habit Ideas for the Summer". This neat panel of mommas will not come as experts on how you can tame all the tech with your kids this summer, rather they will be sharing what they are expert at - their personal experiences at navigating this space with their children.

Please come to share your experience during the Q&A and open sharing portion of our webinar. We learn so much from each other and our courage increases as we realize we are not facing this challenge alone.

June 13th  

Chris McKenna, with Protect Young Eyes, will be presenting “The Digital Culture of Kids: Building a Framework of Trust”. Chris desires every family to be protected and he will show us how – how to be a digital coach for our children and not a controller. Hauling out the fear of what we might have done in the past and empowering us with resources and knowledge for a hopeful future. We are completely capable!

“The Digital Culture of Kids: Building a Framework of Trust” is PYE’s “bread and butter talk”. It is a faith-based message which gives a broad overview of the digital landscape and a whole list of basic tips for helping our awesome kiddos navigate the risks.

June 20th

Emily Hill will connect with us and share the experience of a loved one in her family who was a victim of sextortion. Which is a threatening situation with sexual images. Often not images of the victim but of the perpetrator who will use any sexual images found online and tell the victim that these are the images they’ll send out to the victims contacts, or “friends” on social media and other places, if one doesn’t pay large amounts of money. Courageous and open, this good momma will discuss the experience – what she has learned, how it affected her and her family. Come support and learn from Emily. The title of her message is: "The Truth Shall Set You Free: Fostering Trust with our Children and with God."

We look forward to you joining us ONLINE with women and mothers across the country to find strength, courage and learn together. Please invite family, friends, and neighbors! Tell them to go to We can all use messages of hope!

Everyone registered will receive an email the night before with a link to the webinar. Registrants will also receive a link to the audio recording by the end of the week of each presentation. We've got you covered in case you are unable to attend the live webinar."  Plus, in due time, recordings will also be posted on our "Mothers Who Know" podcast channel.


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