You'll notice this is an evening event. Which makes it easier for all of us to invite husbands, fathers, bishops, youth, and many church leaders. Simply click here or on the image below to download, print, and give an invite to all the people you can think of to share this series with. Or simply forward and share this page. Together we can share these messages of hope to more people. Gathering via ZOOM makes it possible for your loved ones on the other side of the country to attend. Please don't forget to share with them too.


Robert Ferrell – Presenting September 12, 7pm MDT

Title: “Intel from the front lines: The WAR against the REAL purpose of Satan”

Robert Ferrell describes himself as a struggling disciple of Jesus Christ who loves the adventure of discipleship. He has served as a YSA bishop, YSA stake president and mission president. Robert is a professional speaker and presenter, including presenting at BYU Education Week since 2017. He's the father of nine children and soon-to-be author of the book "Liberate the Captive". Get to know Robert better by listening to this powerful interview on the "Leading Saints" Podcast. (It's one of their top 10!)

Weston Smith and Spencer Buswell – Presenting September 19, 7pm MDT

Title: “Find Your Teammates in the Battle Against Satan and Pornography”

You might know Weston and Spencer better as Wes and Spenny. These awesome dudes are the hosts of The Eternal Warrior Podcast. They are also graduates of the Sons of Helaman Program. Their goal is to help young people in their quest of self-mastery, sharing their stories from the battlefield in the war against Satan and pornography. People of all ages like these guys and their honest approach. They have helped to inspire many young people and their parents. You can find their podcast here: The Eternal Warrior Podcast.

A General's Panel – Presenting September 26th, 7 pm MDT

Title: “Mastery Unveiled: Conversations with the Generals – A Peek into the Transformative Training of the Sons of Helaman”

Want to hear from courageous young men who are breaking the chains of pornography? Join with our Sons of Helaman graduated (aka Generals) to find out the best ways parents, leaders, and youth can join forces to turn the tide of this battle. You'll hear their personal journeys along with powerful truths and tools they have gained in this transformative training. These Generals have acquired spiritual and personal weapons to "fight like dragons" in the battle of our day! 

Messages of Hope

Stay by the TREE

We look forward to you joining us ONLINE with women and mothers across the country to find strength, courage and learn together. Please invite family, friends, and neighbors! Tell them to go to We can all use messages of hope!

Everyone registered will receive an email the night before with a link to the webinar. Registrants will also receive a link to the audio recording by the end of the week of each presentation. We've got you covered in case you are unable to attend the live webinar."  Plus, in due time, recordings will also be posted on our "Mothers Who Know" podcast channel.

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