What clients are saying about my work


Newly married stepmom

I love these Anna! Such a wonderful product of your work. Thank you for gifting this to us!


Stepmom of 5 years

I love these even from a step dad point of view they work!


Full-time stepmom

Every session with Anna has been life altering! I am seeing and feeling shifts in my life all around, with my self, my family, my step children, my own bio kids and my business and my community!

About the author

Anna de Acosta

Anna is an intuitive guide and life coach for stepmoms. She has written regularly for Stepmom Magazine, and offers one on one and group coaching programs for stepmoms online. She's also the creator of the Mindful Stepmom guided meditations, available on iTunes. Anna is a full-time stepmom and biomom to 5 kids, living with the love of her life near Niagara Falls, Canada.