Tap into your deepest knowing

In order to connect with our intuition and come back to our own unique Truths, we have to feel safe enough in our bodies for curiosity and play to flow.

Our culture has taught us to distrust the signals we receive from our bodies, to push through, to ignore for the sake of doing and accomplishing.

By pushing thru, and bottling up unexpressed emotions, we allow false narratives to take root in our subconscious. These become our stories and limiting beliefs that get us stuck in a life/body we don’t want.

Because we are not living our own truth, we inherently feel incomplete and disconnected. Because we are living someone else’s truth, we feel unsafe in our own truth and our own body.

In connecting with sensations in the body that feel neutral or good, we begin to feel safe in our body. This will also allow us to be able to sit with the less desirable emotions and feelings so that they can be fully processed and released.

At first, this is not easy - yet with a bit of self-compassion and practice we start trusting in our bodies and ourselves again.

Learning to exist within a wide range of emotions will allow us to tap into intuition and remember that we already have all the answers, and our bodies are one useful tool to show us the way.

Join us for this in-person workshop and savor the good with Somatic Coaching

Sunday, Dec. 18, 2022         4:30-6:00 pm

Biggest Little Baby

7693 S Virginia St, Reno, NV 89511


Amira Morrow

Emma Pineda Fortin