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I am very aware that due to the sensitive nature of my business you may be concerned about what information (data) I gather about you, how it is stored, and what is done with it. I am very careful with your information and wish to assure you that I take confidentiality very seriously. I have to ensure I work lawfully, fairly, transparently and only collect the minimum amount of data about you in order to do my job. If you have any concerns about how your details are collected, stored or used, please contact me on 07788106292 or email help@untangledbytingle.com.

What information do I collect that identifies you?

From me personally:

I will ask for your name, date of birth, address, telephone number, details of others in your home, details of your health, any medications you are taking, your past health, your GP’s details, whether I can use your information in marketing material, photos of your home, your signature. From my website:

My website uses cookies

You can install a cookie blocker or if you are unhappy with the collection of cookies you can come off my website. The information it collects includes what pages you viewed, how long for, geographical location and what type of device you viewed my website on.

How I collect it.

Your personal information I collect by talking to you and writing the information down. My website uses cookies to collect some data. You may email me with some data. You may use a sign up form and go onto an email list on my website. You may contact me on my mobile phone and send information by text, or Facebook messages. I may input your details into my accounts software.

Why I collect it

The main thing I do with your data is use it to be able to tailor my service to your needs, and to be able to support you decluttering your possessions. Due to safeguarding issues I may need your information to share with Doctors or Emergency Service professionals in certain circumstances. If I believe you are at risk of harm I may use the information you have given me so I know who to contact to discuss this (ie next of kin or your GP).

I need your information so I can account for payments, for collation of accounts to submit to HMRC and accounting purposes.

Where I store it and who has access to it

For information on Cookies and Wix (the provider of my website) please view their Privacy policy here: https://www.wix.com/about/priv...

I do not share any personal information with any third parties other than my accountant. The information my accountant receives are limited to your name address, date of visit and cost of the service provided. They do not get access to your report or information regarding your home.

Should you wish to find out more about their privacy policy please contact: Hill & Co Accountants (www.hillandcoaccountants.com tel 0114 2315400, 106 Holme Lane, Sheffield S6 4JW).

HMRC may have access to the same details as my accountant if they request it. I may share your information with government bodies, law enforcement agencies, courts or other third parties to comply with my legal obligations or lawful disclosure requests for example.

I store all personal data in a password protected iPad. The files saved on there are not uploaded to the Cloud. Any information that is paper based is kept secure, and no one else has access to this. Your address details are stored in my cars Sat Nav but this information is not linked to anywhere and is deleted once I stop working with you. Your phone number is stored in my i-phone and is saved to the cloud but there is no information that can link you to me as a customer and this information is deleted once we finish working together. Photos of your home are stored on my iPad and are deleted after we finish working together, unless you have given me consent to keep them for marketing purposes. If you give me consent they are saved but not linked to you in any way, and no identifying personal information can be gained from them.

If you give me details about someone else, for example others in the household, you must have their agreement to do so. No other information is shared with any other parties. I only collect data that I need to be able to do my job, and I endeavour to ensure it stays accurate. Data is only kept for the minimum time I need it for, and I will be lawful, fair and transparent in the information I collect from you.

I will deal with your data with integrity and ensure confidentiality at all times. 

Communications from me

I will only contact you with marketing information via:

Facebook if you have liked my page, Email if you have subscribed to my mailing newsletter list You may be contacted by me by: Email, text, message or phone call once you are a client to keep up to date on your progress or to book in another session. Once you stop being a client I will only contact you if you have requested me to do so.

Your rights

You can request what information I hold on you at any time. 

You have the right to request I delete your data.

You have the right to amend any data I hold about you.

You have the right to data portability.

The right to lodge a complaint with a supervisory authority - APDO and/or The Information

Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

Retention of data

Information taken from an initial consultation shall be kept for 6 months to enable me to give you a quote which lasts for the same amount of time. Any data will then be deleted and any paper based information will be destroyed after this time. If you have enlisted my services your data will be kept for 7 years, in line with HMRC requirements. After this time it will then be destroyed and/or deleted. If you agree for me to use your information for marketing purposes, this will be used indefinitely, but you may request I stop using your information at any time and it will not contain any identifying data unless you expressly give me consent to do so (ie a quote saying Mrs X of City and a before/after photo).

Confidentiality is for me important to me, therefore please do not hesitate to contact me should you require further information regarding your data or GDPR.

Heather Tingle



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