The Basics of Oils

Learn how to dilute your oils, use your oils safely and effectively, and make the most of your oils!

Oils for All Ages

From infants, to children, teens, and adults, this free guide covers all ages!

Soothe, Recipes, Diffuse

Each section has recipes and ideas to soothe common issues, recipes for DIY projects for cleaning, skin care, and more. Plus specific diffuser recipes for each age

What you'll read


Essential Oils 101 and Safety

Includes dilution ratios, how to use fractionated coconut oil, and the three ways to use essential oils safely. 

Part 1

Get to know your oils

Top 7 Safety tips

Part 2

Infants and Toddlers

Ideas to support teething, night time, belly troubles, and keeping the days happy and the nights restful.

Part 3


Focused on first aid, overwhelming emotions, immune support, and clean hands.

Part 4


Hormones, confidence, homework helpers, acne and skin care and so much more!

Part 5

Body Care

The self care section on strengthening hair and nails, supporting healthy skin and minimizing wrinkles, and improving energy.

Part 6

Home Care

My top recipes for cleaning the whole house with minimal effort, favorite diffuser recipes for when you forget to take out the trash, and how to keep the kids rooms smelling great. 

Part 7

Free Consultations

Schedule a free health assessment with Dr. Goggin and create a  plan to focus on your top health concerns for yourself and your family to make the most out of your oils. Plus a special bonus for new customers!