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My bespoke, tailored programmes are designed to:

  • Increase performance and enery levels
  • Reduce bloating and enhance gut health
  • Ensure you're a healthy weight without ever dieting again!
  • Give you an action plan that works with your lifestyle, likes and dislikes so you're always enjoying your food and never feel you're missing out!
  • Ensure you have the practical know-how for effortlessly healthy and satisfying food for the rest of your life (whether you want to be fully plant based or not).
  • Get you that glow and keep it for good!

Ultimately, my programmes allow you to have the energy and health you need to live the life you want. Whether that be relaxing, working, travelling, running after the kids and grandkids, enjoying a work-life balance or anything else you want to do.

My clients are experiencing:

• Improved performance (my clients include athletes and sports people)

•  Healthy weight loss where the weight stays off

•  Reducing fatigue

• Being able to eat the most delicious food without counting calories or spending hours in the kitchen

Reducing gas and bloating 

• Reducing joint pain and fibromyalia pain

• Reducing acne and getting clearer skin

• Easing of menopause symptoms

    So they can lead the high energy life they always dreamed of!

    You can see the Terms and Conditions of my programmes here.

    Who do I work with?

    Whoever I work with, my programmes are always bespoke. Daily support ensures a full and sustainable transformation. I've worked with:

    • CEOs and Executives who want to optimise their health and performance, and that of their company
    • Sports people and athletes 
    • Personal trainers who want to reduce recovery time and enhance their performance
    • Women in menopause and peri-menopause
    • Teachers in their early 30s who love to travel during the holidays
    • Busy parents with families to feed
    • Flexitarians, vegetarians and long-time vegans, as well as people who want to just reduce animal products and get great health benefits.

    Lastly, all these people are committed to transforming their health and taking action.

    Part of a Corporate or Organisation?

    I work with corporates and other organisations delivering bespoke talks and programmes. I'm regularly invited to speak at conferences and events, such as at the University of Cambridge and Michigan State University and events with high-profile personalities, such as Henry Dimbleby. Topics include improving the nation’s health, gut health, nutrition for menopause, and eating for performance. Other clients include the Francis Crick Institute, Whitworths and Octopus Energy.

    My talks are fun, engaging and inclusive, giving busy people changes they can start making TODAY to improve performance & reduce fatigue, get great gut health and manage cravings. Other topics I cover include menopause, increasing immunity and eating for sustainability.

    If your organisation could benefit from a bespoke talk and / or exploring my programmes, send me an enquiry message here.


    OPTION 1  Book a call with me

    On this call I'll ask you questions about your health challenges and where you want to be. You can ask me questions too, and if we think there's a good fit for us to work together, I'll give you more information on my programmes. You don't need to go fully plant based to work with me.

    OPTION 2  Give me a call to speak with me immediately

    Give me a call on +44 7826 519611 or you can connect to my Whatsapp directly below.

    Or send me a message below....

    OPTION 3  Get started by downloading my free guide on '5 steps to balanced, healthy, plant based eating', and get weekly health tips and recipes from me.

    De Trae

    "I am more energetic, my skin is smooth and clear, arthritis inflammation is completely gone, food allergies have calmed down, leaky gut issues almost non-existent and I am proud to say that I have lost a ton of weight! 286-216 so far!

    Vanessa's programme has been a great lifesaver!"

    Carlos Moreno, former Portuguese Champion & Boxing Coach

    “I did one hour of bespoke nutrition coaching with Vanessa [the Power Hour], and results were unbelievable. I’m leaner, stronger have more energy. Not a strict regime, no extra exercise. Easy changes built around my busy life can be consistent with."

    Patrick Reid, business owner and Trader

    "I had low energy, high blood pressure and wanted to lose weight. I'd seen several nutritionists before, then worked with Vanessa. The changes have been easy and delicious. My blood pressure lowered naturally, I have loads of energy and have lost weight without dieting or being 'perfect'."

    About Me 

    I’m a Transformational Health Coach & Award-Winning Speaker.

    I help leaders, the public and sports people eat their way to great performance, increased resilience and a healthy weight by implementing non-restrictive, healthy eating habits and incorporating more delicious, anti-inflammatory, plant based wholefoods. No dieting, no fads and you still get to eat your favourite foods!

    I work with people no matter what their dietary preference - this is about overall healthy eating and making this truly sustainable in a busy lifestyle, without having to be perfect or label yourself. I have a mix of meat-eating and vegan clients, who all get great results.

    I'm a regular on Sky News and BBC Radio, and also featured on Talk TV, Times Radio, LBC, the Mirror Online and Holland & Barrett magazine. I'm educated to Masters level at Cambridge University in Biological Anthropology, as well as co-founding a successful plant based recipe website for which I created recipes for over four years - so I'm all about the tastiest food!

    In my corporate career I was an established Workplace Change Consultant helping companies transform their working practices and wellbeing.

    I now work with both 1:1 clients and organisations to transform their health, performance and wellbeing. 

    Feel free to join my free community for recipes, health advice and tips for getting rid of fatigue and bloating, and getting your healthy weight and glow!

    You can see the Terms and Conditions of my programmes here.