Baking Kits - putting smiles on faces

See them smile!  

The baking kits are suitable for kids on gluten free diets - particularly those with Coeliac Disease. My child has Coeliac Disease too.  I know how hard it is to find fun and creative kits for kids.  I got fed up saying no, you can't have that. So I did something myself. Each kit is designed to be fun & creative as well as a learning experience. But don't tell them that - they don't know!!

NOTE: The final baking kits are being dispatched in March 2023.  

Ultimate GF Baking Kit

Our best seller.

All your dry ingredients plus the extras to make your bake fabulous. 

Could be a cookie cutter, cupcake cases or a foil tray.  All you need to get baking straight away.

Just add the wet ingredients.


Simple GF Baking Kit

All your dry ingredients to get busy baking at home in a slim box that fits straight through your letterbox.

You supply your own baking essentials i.e. cupcake cases for the bake.

Just add the wet ingredients.


Core Box

Has your child got additional allergies as well as being gluten free? Whilst I can't cater for your child now, they can join in with all our fun with a box MINUS the ingredients.

The leaflet, recipe card, I made this card.

Making it with your own safe ingredients from home.


Just diagnosed? Then I've got just what you're looking for.

If you're searching for help, my book for parents and in particular, us overwhelmed mums, is what you need.  Helping explain to you what steps you need to make to help your child.

    Lost & overwhelmed?

    It's scary in the early days getting your head around all the do's and don't's. But it doesn't have to be.

    My book has everything you need to know when your child is first diagnosed. It's what I would've wanted for me and for my child. Simple, easy to understand information in bite size pieces that you need to be aware of from the beginning. Helping you help your child.

    It doesn't have to be hard and scary. I can help reduce your panic & worry, giving you sensible information, all in one place. I've been there, done that, learnt the lessons & I've got the T-shirt. I totally understand.

    Don't struggle. Learn what you need to know the easy way.

    Grab your copy today via Amazon


    Coeliac Survival Guide for Kids

    It's the 5th year of our diagnosis with Coeliac Disease.  I'm not sure where the time has gone.  We've learnt lots!

    Five years of managing cross contamination, reading labels, watching food servers like a hawk, picking up when something is wrong. And questions, lots of questions.

    It got me thinking, what do kids get when they're diagnosed. What do they get to help them understand what's happening to them? I know my daughter didn't get anything, not even a sticker! Just being talked to and about by adults.

    What would or could make a difference to a child when they're diagnosed? Something that's especially for them, a bit of fun, simple information in a way they'll understand with the odd fart and poo reference.

    I'm thrilled to say it's up and available now.  Grab your child's copy today. They're making a difference already.


    When my child was first diagnosed, I was lost & overwhelmed

    Lots of confusion & tears

    I had a few leaflets, mostly aimed at adults, references to groups that had closed. Nothing that spoke to me from a mum's point of view.  

    I wanted to hear from someone who had a coeliac child, who would understand & help me with what I needed to know.

    I couldn't find what I was looking for; so, I wrote a book myself, to help parents like me.

    You need all your information in ONE place, straightaway.  To make your life easier & less overwhelming.

    You don't want to be searching the internet or Facebook groups.  

    You want to know what you need to do.

    Your first instinct is to want to help your child. And my book does that.  

    It helps YOU understand what YOU need to do.

    My top tips are:

    1. Don't give up gluten prior to blood tests or an official diagnosis by a Consultant not a GP
    2. Learn what you need to look for - blog
    3. Understand food labels - to save time & money
    4. Grab my book - now on Amazon - click here