What to do when your child is diagnosed.

You get the diagnosis.  Your child has coeliac disease.

What do you do now?

There was nothing specific for parents like me when I started our coeliac journey in 2018.

Where do you go for information that's simple and easy?  There's much to learn. And its overwhelming at the beginning.

I started writing blogs, created gluten free kids baking kits and now, I've a book to help you too.

No one should have to struggle in the beginning.  We've enough to deal with.

My key tips are these:

  1. Don't give up gluten prior to an official diagnosis by a Consultant
  2. Join Coeliac UK - the leading coeliac charity.  
  3. Learn what you need to look for
  4. Learn to read labels really well saving time & money
  5. Manage & minimise cross contamination risks
  6. Read my blogs on the website for FREE info
  7. Grab my new book.  Click Here

    What I do

    Put smiles on faces!  My baking kits are suitabe for gluten free diets - particularly those with Coeliac Disease.  I know how hard it is as a parent to find fun and creative kits for kids.  I got fed up saying no, you can't have that.

    Each box is designed to be fun & creative as well as a learning experience. But don't tell them that - they don't know!!

    Choose between the Ultimate Baking Kit or Simple Baking Kit - both come with ingredients, recipe, fun facts & activity.

    Ultimate GF Baking Kit

    Our best seller.

    All your dry ingredients plus the extras to make your bake fabulous. 

    Could be a cookie cutter, cupcake cases or a foil tray.  All you need to get baking straight away.

    Just add the wet ingredients.


    Simple GF Baking Kit

    All your dry ingredients to get busy baking at home in a slim box that fits straight through your letterbox.

    You supply your own baking essentials i.e. cupcake cases for the bake.

    Just add the wet ingredients.


    Core Box

    Has your child got additional allergies as well as being gluten free? Whilst I can't cater for your child now, they can join in with all our fun with a box MINUS the ingredients.

    The leaflet, recipe card, I made this card.

    Making it with your own safe ingredients from home.


    Coeliac Disease & Your Child - What you need to know

    Coming soon in printed form.

    Has your child has just been diagnosed? Are you overwhelmed? Lost?

    Where do you even start?

    I totally understand. I was in your shoes 4 years ago. There's so much to take in and learn, practices to put into place and as for cross contamination, well, that's just scary

    The e-book is written from a mum's point of view, to help and guide you through the early days, getting firm foundations in place so you can help your child get better quickly.

    Don't be overwhelmed, let me help you find your feet & get you started on your journey.

    Dress your Star Baker

    Quality Embroidered Aprons

    From plain coloured aprons to bespoke embroidered aprons - we've got you covered. Be it just your child's name, or the full info of name, Star Baker & a gold star motif.


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