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Has your child just been diagnosed? 

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If you're searching the internet for help when your child's diagnosed, then I've got something here to help!

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My daughter was diagnosed in February 2018.  A huge shock.  Not what I was expecting.  But it is what it is.

And our journey began.  One thing I've learnt is too many parents struggle at the beginning.  That's where my parents book comes in handy.

It's like a great big hug from within the pages, so you don't think you're going mad, know someone else has done it before, and you can do it too.  That's why I wrote it.

My books and course, explain simply & easily what you need to do. From one mum to another.

It shocked me the lack of help given to parents at the very beginning.  When you need it most.

    Coeliac Mums Club

    A safe space & place to ask questions, meet fellow mums who understand and totally get what you are feeling and going through. Monthly meeting online.  

    Everyone just gets it!

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    Gluten Free Labels - 50 mixed labels 15 rainbow (50mm) and 35 blue in 7 designs. Limited first run order.

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    My book helps eliminate your overwhelm, get you started, know what you're looking for & how to make changes. 

    Quickly and easily.

    The feedback from parents who've bought it says it all.  It tells you what you need to know fast, with practical steps on how to make the transition to a gluten free life simply & easily.  I had to do it & I can help you do it too.

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    Grab your copy today for £16.99.  See the feedback below from other parents.  You can't beat good feedback to say it does what it says!!  It's like a great big hug from within the pages!

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